FontDiscovery 🖼️ 41: Speak with Warmth and Openness, with this font

This week: gif hack and colors from Thailand!

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Hi Everyone 👋 

Hope you are having a wonderful week so far! A little Tuesday announcement: Since the last time we talked, I launched a new project, indiegrow. It is a newsletter and a Twitter challenge helping you make friends and find good conversations on Twitter. I will send you three tweets daily to comment, so you stay active on the platform.  If you wish to check it out, it is here.

Now on to our issue this week!

In This Issue

  • Theme: Openness 😌

  • Font of the Week: Koho

  • Design Idea of the Week: Gif Yourself!

  • Color Inspiration: Chainat Bird Park, in Thailand

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Font of the Week 

Overview about Kaho 

Koho is a humanist sans serif mixing calligraphy with modern influences. It has characteristics of both monospace fonts and humanist sans serif. If we look closely at the letterforms, we see a slight turn right at the beginning of each stroke. Little details like this bring us a calligraphic feel. After the turn, the stroke width remains consistent, which feels functional and mechanical. This harmony between the organic and functional creates a unique vibe that is inviting to the user. Kaho also supports Thai characters.

Font Details

  • Oblong close counters

  • Single story “g”: to showcase its modernness, as opposed to a double-story “g”

  • Slight turning at strokes to hint at its calligraphic influence 

  • large x-height (forgot what x-height is? Check out this post)

{img-top and bottom: font-details of Koho}

How to use it for logo

  • Oblong shapes, consistent stroke, calligraphic influence, and  large x-height communicate warmth and openness 

  • Perfect for tech brands  

How to use for marketing and branding 

Koho can be used for display and for smaller sizes and more complex reading and information rendering. It has regular and italic in six weights. It can support complex projects like product landing pages and app interfaces. It can pair with Daubenton.

{img: different weights of Koho}

{img: Koho pairing with Daubenton.}

Design Idea of the Week 

Gif yourself! 

You probably encounter gifs every single day. Making your own custom animated gifs can be fun and memorable for marketing your product. It is also simple to do with online tools like ezgif by uploading a video and edit it down to a gif.

My hack is to use Figma’s prototype feature to auto animate quickly (this video does a good job of overviewing this feature if you are looking for one.). Then use screen recording to make a video and edit it down to a gif. This trick allows me to create simple yet custom gifs from scratch when I’m in a pinch.

Color Idea of the Week 

Chainat Bird Park

Today we have some beautiful colors from Chainat Bird Park, in Chai Nat Province, Thailand.

Tree Bark #AFA079 | Grass #CFCF7D | Grass #98AC55 | Petal #EED0D3

{img: Chainat Bird Park, in Chai Nat, Thailand; source: tripzilla}

Jargon Buster!

Sans Serif 

Sans Serifs are first seen before the 18th century but weren’t used as widely. Sans Serif fonts do not have serifs extending at the end of strokes. By the early 19th century, Sans Serif became more popular.

{img: sans serif has no serifs}

Creative Prompt 

Create a graphic with Koho! 

Thank you! 

Thanks for being hanging out here this week. Koho is available here. It is designed by Cadson Demak.

{img: Infographic of Koho}