🖼️—FoW, No6: Show Some Love with Nathalia Script!

is it the script of love ?

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Love is in the air. The most romantic day of the year is about to be here~ are you doing anything fun to celebrate? 

Whenever it's Valentine's day, I love walking down the aisles at the store and look at all the packaging that's only available during this time of the year. Full of warm and fuzzy feelings, I will find many beautiful script lettering. :~) These are much softer than Langar, which we profiled in our first issue.

Script lettering can be created with any tool, such as a nib pen or a marker. Each tool makes a distinct mark and causes the resulting script to have a unique look and feel. 

Nathalia is thin and elongated. Its curves are smooth and graceful. Try tracing out the shape of "N" in the air, and you will find yourself making grandeur, expressive movements. 

The showy curves of this font are typical of formal scripts. Traditionally, these scripts are generated with a quill, which causes the "thick and thin" in the strokes. This contrast, along with the grandeur and graceful curves, gives Nathalia an elegant, personal feel with a sense of formality and tradition.

How to use Nathalia Script

This font can be used for logos as long as it is legible. The capital letters are very hard to read. It is perfect for a luxury brand, such as Saks Fifth Avenue.

Typography System 
Use sparingly. It's perfect for social media graphics, invitations, or graphics for gifting or formal events. Quill always brings a little extra luxury and magic.

Cautiously Avoid

Don't overuse this font, especially the capital letters. 

Creative Prompt

Try making a card for someone using Nathalia. It'll make them smile : )

Nathalia is free for personal use here.

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